Personal sanctions against Russian judges

After a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, thousands of Russian residents have spoken out against the actions of the Russian Federation.

More than 1500 individuals face criminal prosecution, with some being pursued under criminal articles that directly contradict the Constitution of Russia.

On this page, we are collecting data on judges participating in politically motivated criminal cases-those delivering verdicts, considering appellate complaints, or determining precautionary measures.

We believe that their decisions should not go unpunished and call on all democratic governments to impose personal sanctions against them.

This page contains only a portion of the information available to us. We are ready to provide all the information we have upon request. To do so, please email us at

At the moment, our database includes nearly 2000 judges who have participated in anti-war cases, but we are confident that their actual number is much higher. If you are willing to share information about judges not listed on the website, please email us at

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